Exhibiting Information

You are invited to participate in myPITA’s Marketplace

Friday May 5, 2023   |   8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


Connect with Grade 4 through 9 intermediate and middle school teachers, student support workers and administrators from across BC!

Conference Schedule


2023 Spring Conference Exhibitor Rates

Exhibitor Category 2023 Spring Conference Rate
For-Profit Exhibitor $200 (plus $50 prize donation*)
Non-Profit Exhibitor $100 (plus $50 prize donation*)





*Prize donations will be used in the Letter Hunt to encourage attendees to visit exhibitor booths during breaks. For exhibitors who are interested in making bigger donations in exchange for promotional exposure, please contact Shirley at exhibitors@pita.ca.
Due to the rising cost of hosting an in-person event, we are no longer able to offer a discounted rate in our exhibitor pricing chart. However, if there is a need, please contact Shirley at exhibitors@pita.ca. As always, our primary goal is to make the widest range of vendors accessible to our attendees.


Exhibitor Entitlements

•  One 2.5’ x 6’ table in an all-day, high traffic flow location

•  Internet access

•  Power outlets are not readily available. If you require an outlet, please make a note of this in your exhibitor application and we will do our best to accommodate this need.


Please email Shirley at exhibitors@pita.ca with any questions or concerns.