Reframing Behaviour: You are the Strategy

In this workshop, we will examine the implications of a variety of mindsets and ways we respond to student behaviour that challenges us. We will explore ideas for supporting students in compassionate, brain-based ways that helps build positive relationships. We will discuss the importance of coregulation (helping a student return to calm) as an opportunity to model and teach social emotional skills in authentic and practical ways. When we reframe behaviour, it can enhance student connection, help develop emotional regulation skills, encourage perspective taking and foster a sense of belonging. Leave with new ideas about how to show up for all students in a way that meets their needs and yours.

Target Audience

Grades 4-9 and adults


1:15 PM - 3:30 PM

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  • Kristin Wiens

    Kristin Wiens is an Inclusion Coach for the Sooke School District (#62) located on Southern Vancouver Island. She supports Integration Support teachers and classroom teachers from grades 6 -12. She facilitates workshops on a variety of topics including self-regulation, inclusion, UDL, mindfulness and visuals. Kristin has worked as a Child and Family Counsellor, Life Skills teacher, Integration Support teacher and Inclusion Coach. Kristin is author/illustrator of the children's book My Gratitude Jar and creator of Long Story Shortz educational videos and graphics. You can find her videos and graphics at