Planning for ELLs in Your Class

In need of some tips, tricks, and takeaways to help you plan for your ELLs? Come to a practical and interactive workshop designed to provide reminders and resources to help you accommodate your ELLs in any subject matter.


9:30 AM - 11:45 AM

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  • Genna Cohen

    Genna has a M.Ed. degree in Educational Practice with a focus on language teaching and learning. Genna is currently a high school French and performing arts teacher at North Delta Secondary. She has taught in the Faculty of Education at UBC for 3 years about how to plan for ELLs in your classes. Over her 11 years in education, Genna has taught in both public and private schools; elementary, high school and university level classes; and in English, French and Spanish. She loves musical theatre, dance and travel, and sings in the choir Joyful Rebellion.