A1 - Powerful Writing Structures - Brain Pocket Writing to Support a Year Long Writing Program

Adrienne's brand new book Powerful Writing Structures will be the focus of this session.  Teaching writing can be challenging and sometimes it's hard to know how to cover all the mechanics, structures, and traits in one school year.  See how Adrienne has organized the challenges of trying to "fit it all in" into a simple framework that includes personal narratives, information writing, and story writing. Come to this session and leave with a year plan, mini-lessons and new anchor books to fill your year with powerful writing!  


9:30 AM - 11:45 AM

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  • Adrienne Gear

    Adrienne Gear has been a teacher in the Vancouver School district for over 18 years working as a classroom teacher, ESL teacher, teacher librarian and District Literacy Mentor. She is currently teaching two days a week at Sexsmith Elementary. Adrienne developed Reading Power almost 10 years ago and has since been working with teachers in many districts throughout the province, presenting workshops, giving demonstration lessons, and facilitating Reading Power leadership teams. She has also presented workshops in the United States in Atlanta, Kansas and Pennsylvania.

    She is the author of two books, Reading Power – Teaching Students How to Think While They Read (Pembroke, 2006) and Nonfiction Reading Power – Teaching Students How to Think While They Read All Kinds of Information (Pembroke, 2008) and has just completed her third book Writing Power. Adrienne lives in Vancouver with her husband and their two boys.